Monster Legends Guideline and Ideas

Welcome to the Monster Stories guide! I will be giving you information regarding this amazing game. That game is produced after the victory of Monster City. The artwork and breeding action is very equivalent.

The only thing that they added more was the PvP aspect. The monsters amongst people have special abilities and different attacks for your use. Dragon City didn't have got that, so that it was a great addition.


There are main basic factors in the game. They are really fire, drinking water, earth, electric, nature, charcoal, magic and light. Each aspect is possesses its strength and weak point.

Fire is strong from Nature

Mother nature is good from Magic

Miracles is solid vs Mild

Light excellent against Shadowy

Dark is fantastic vs The earth

Earth is good vs Electric power

Electric is wonderful against Mineral water

Water can be strong compared to Fire

This can be the basic component weakness which might be exploited to your advantage when fighting with each other in the Monster arena or perhaps PvP.


For proliferation, you have to breed of dog the different components to get the best enemies in the game. The monsters are grouped in to the following different types:

Common - The most basic creatures such as Firesaur, Treezard and so forth

Uncommon -- Hybrids on the common creatures.

Rare - These are harder to obtain as opposed to uncommon kinds.

Epic -- These can be breed using rare monster legends hack creatures.

Legendary - The most impressive of them all. Place only be gotten breeding world famous monsters.


Each ingredient has their unique habitat. Hybrid monsters may stay in all their respective element habitats given that they have that element. For instance , a Greenasaur has an part of Fire and Nature. Normally, it can be in either the Fire or Characteristics habitat.

Earning Gold

Each monster posseses an earning probable. Depending on the kind of monster type you have, the gold you earn per minute can vary.

Earning Food

You can obtain food because they build food farms. These will give you the food you need to level up your monsters. As you get to higher levels, the number of food desired will get higher and higher. You can avoid feeding these people too much very good by preventing in the excursion map so that they can get experience to level up.



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